In participation with the STARTALK Project, the eTower team has designed one pilot module for you to explore on Transportation. Ideally, this module would be completed closer to the end of a series of 15 modules, targeting novice-high/intermediate low learners. Before opening the Transportation Module below, make sure to take a moment to read through the information on Getting Started.

Modules 9 - 12

Module 9: Making Appointments

From the language surrounding scheduling, to the differences in dialogue between friends, acquaintances, and strangers, we’ll cover the process of making future plans.

Module 10: Shopping

This lesson covers topics and exchanges related to shopping, covering the practices, perspectives and products that were used in ancient times and those used today.

Module 11: Planning a Trip

What are the logistical things that need to happen in order for you to take a trip? We’ll review vocabulary related to the planning process for getting from one place to another.

Module 12: Transportation

We’ll explore various modes of travel, both currently used and historically, that are present in the painting. We’ll also discuss vocabulary covering moving from place to place and going here and there.